The Real Highschool Deal

This is the Why

         Okay- so to you dear reader:

       Originally this was meant to be a website for kids that were just starting out highschool. It was "meant" to be a site for all the kids that were as scared of their first days of highschool as I was- and I guess to some extent it still is. But the website has also kind of morphed into something else- sort of an expanded facebook- I write about my day, my friends, all of the stupid things I do. I have a calendar that shows up and coming events. I put down thoughts, chapters from the book i'm writing- pictures from places I go and things I do/ see. i also give homework help of a sort (except math- I refer math kids to my friend Kurrency that edits the site as well because i'm not to good with anything above algebra) I also put up curriculum from our ecology club at school. here is where I write down random information about Korean Pop, pocket dragoins, guitar, profound (haha) thoughts.

       The webiste isn't just a place for my so called "virtual diary". part of the reason I made the website was that I always enjoyed sharing the things I did and making people laugh with my even if you not going into highschool (but especially if you are) who couldn't use a good laugh now and then. I'm hoping that even if few people ever read this it will be valuable to those few that do- or that it will have some meaning to them. so I guess heres to hoping that your highschool life which is now just beginning will be an enjoyable one. and if you're not starting highschool; hell maybe you've graduated: well then I guess its a great way to look back and know that you weren't the only stupid kid on the planet.


P.S. i guess i should explain that, one of my friends (kat) calls me that because my dad used to say that i was "one odd little bird" and it just kind of stuck- that and my grandma's name for me :mickey as in like "mickey mouse" has simply never gona away- most of my friends don't even know my full name.